Retail giant Pick n Pay Now Offers Digital Receipts to some shoppers – No more paper till slips

Pick n Pay Smart Shoppers can now get digital receipts – instead of paper till slips – at any store nationwide, including Clothing, Liquor and Express outlets. 

Instead of a paper till slip, the shopper’s receipt will be sent to their email or Pick n Pay mobile app within minutes of completing a purchase. The receipt will be stored on a client’s app profile for 90 days. 

A small summary slip will still be printed at check-out as proof of purchase, but the retailer hopes the move will significantly reduce “till slip litter”. 

“We are always looking at ways we can reduce waste within our stores and help our customers lead easier lives by making their shopping experience quicker and more convenient. This latest Smart Shopper enhancement ticks all these boxes,” says John Bradshaw, retail executive: marketing at Pick n Pay. 

Nearly 13,000 customers signed up during the pilot phase earlier this year, and within a week of launching to Smart Shoppers last week, an additional 7,000 customers have opted in to receive digital receipts. 

Should you want a printed slip, you can simply ask the cashier to print out a full receipt. All high-value items or products with a warranty will automatically be printed on the summary slip.  

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Customers wishing to return a product can show their digital receipt from their email or on the PnP mobile app, or provide their summary slip which includes a scannable barcode. 

Smart Shoppers can activate the digital receipts service via their online profile on the Pick n Pay website or mobile app by updating their preferences.

Business Insider SA

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