YouTube Will Start Running Ads on Channels That Aren’t Part of Its Revenue-Sharing Program

YouTube, in an expansion of its advertising business, will begin serving up ads on channels that will not receive a cut of the revenue.

In a Nov. 18 update to its terms of service, YouTube added a new section that says users grant the service “the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access).” However, the agreement “does not entitle you to any payments,” the latest TOS says.

The addition of that new provision comes as YouTube said that starting today, “we’ll begin slowly rolling out ads on a limited number of videos from channels not in YPP,” referring to the longstanding YouTube Partner Program that lets eligible channels monetize their content, including getting a share of revenue for ads served against their videos.

For creators who are not part part of the YouTube Partner Program, “you may see ads on some of your videos,” the video platform said. “Since you’re not currently in YPP, you won’t receive a share of the revenue from these ads, though you’ll still have the opportunity to apply for YPP as you normally would once you meet the eligibility requirements.”

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