Facebook is Building a new Tool called “TLDR” that will Read News for its Users

Facebook is working on a tool that will automatically read news articles for users and generate brief summaries, BuzzFeed reports.

The feature was announced during an end-of-year company all-hands meeting, the report said. Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer presented the tool, which will be called “TLDR” (Too Long Didn’t Read, an acronym commonly used online), the publication reported.

TLDR will be an AI-assistant tool, which will automatically generate bullet-point summaries of articles. Schroepfer said the tool would also be voice-enabled, meaning users will be able to have it read summaries out loud to them, Buzzfeed reported.

BuzzFeed’s Ryan Mac, who live-tweeted Facebook’s end-of-year meeting, said TLDR will be built to answer questions about news stories. “For example, you could ask ‘Hey Facebook, how many people will this vaccine help’ and it supposedly would spit out an answer,” Mac said.

Business Insider US

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