Thoughts on the proposed Super League from Business Standpoint writes Rethabile Mohlala

Since the announcement of the proposed Europa Super League on Sunday late afternoon, 18 April 2021. I have been following the news banter across social media, television and talk radio. All I hear is anger and bitterness from soccer fans as the majority of them are against the idea of the formation of the Super League.

I do understand that sports is all about emotions and making sure the teams they (fans) support comes on top however that cannot happen alone. At the end of the day, it’s about following the rules of commerce and economics. Raising money and investing in the name of today’s game and that money must come from somewhere.

The chairman of the new European Super League has defended the tournament, saying those involved are doing it to save football. Florentino Perez, who is also president of Real Madrid, told El Chiringuito TV: “We’re doing this to save football, which is in a critical moment.”

Perez adds, “the only way of making money from admissions is by making more competitive games that are more attractive, that fans around the world can see.”

English Premier League is one of the best top leagues in the world and every player dream of playing in England. It is worth noting that the Premier League is attractive today because of the Top 6 teams, that includes, Man City, Man United, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. These teams have a right to dictate what needs to be done with their future and if you take these 6 teams out of the Premier League, will be left with wallpaper.

After reading the manifesto of the soon to be launched Super League, from the business standpoint I do support the idea. After what happened with covid, soccer teams need innovative ways to raise money to remain competitive and attract good talent in the field of play and at the corporate level.

Sports is all about content, which means club owners need to sell the rights to companies who are willing to buy the content… meaning they need to generate content to sell to the highest bidder and attract advertisers.

For these clubs to start a new league is another way for them to generate content to sell. Clubs can no longer rely on the monthly stipend they receive from their respective leagues because is not enough anymore.

As a businessman… It’s fair to say, running an enterprise is an expensive exercise and they’re several things to consider such as paying players and staff… plus European clubs pay their players weekly, which means wages must be available to meet such demands.

As for big clubs, is not easy to be at the top without a lot of money to invest in building the brand for the team to become attractive and to retain its status, all these things require money. Club owners can’t do it alone, they need help too. That’s where innovation and thinking outside the box come in, to raise money and creating an asset of value in building their respective teams.

Rethabile Mohlala – Founder & Editor of The TechDailyPost

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