Key Highlights from Incrypted Asia 2021 Blockchain and Crypto Realm Virtual Event

Incrypted Asia 2021, which is one of the most premier Blockchain conferences that connects with the investors, start-up entrepreneurs, and top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres since 2016 happened on April 30 and May 1st, this year. With over 500 attendees, 50+ speakers having more than 20+ sessions with 5 million Twitter impressions, Incrypted Asia was trending on number 5 in India, making it nothing short of a mega event. Founders, Influencers, Policy Makers, Established Opinion Leaders and C-level executives of the leading blockchain and crypto companies were all united to share their views on the global market. The event aimed to throw light on 4 key topics pertaining to the world of blockchain and crypto; namely, DeFi, NFTs, regulations, and Coin prediction. 

The day 1 of the event began with a welcome address from the host Mr. Abhimanyu Kashyap, founder and CEO of Safle Network (formerly known as Inblox Network). He talked about various topics pertaining to the world of crypto like NFTs, Defi, Regulations and more. He also laid emphasis on an important campaign #CryptoForGood which was in support of the ongoing campaign by Sandeep Nailwal called Crypto Relief Fund. The campaign is about “all the good things crypto is capable of being used for”, Kashyap stressed. 

The two day event saw spokesperson from well known projects such as IOTA, LISK, Gumi Ventures, P2P Foundation, Block Asset Management, CoinDCX, GenShards, Amesten Asset, Crypto Kanoon, CoinCrunch India, CakeDefi and many more. Imminent speakers like James Qu, Yael Tamar and Sachin Jain came in to talk about Decentralised Financed (DeFi). “We are living in a digital era … surrounded by smart IoT devices … our daily lives as well as business everything is mirrored in the parallel digital world, so different forms of data … all this procedure automization actually brought huge value to our daily lives as well as business… what can enable all of this happening is the trust technology” James commented while talking about decentralized models of finance.

Minal Thukral, Sachin Jain and Naimish Sanghvi in a fireside chat moderated by Ajeet Khurana discussed how Defi projects can attract investors. “…if you have a Defi project and if you want to attract investors tell them you are issuing tokens” Ajeet commented jokingly. To talk about the risks associated with Defi there were notable fund managers like Desiree Velleuer, Daniele Bernardi, Tim Johnston, with Kevin Ballard as the Moderator. Desiree intelligently remarked on the need of fund managers when she said “it makes sense to invest through an active portfolio manager in the crypto space because the ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace and it takes a lot of resources and time to try out all the different platforms, to make mistakes, to learn and to keep a good overview, and trading… and other technical things are very difficult”. Yael made a great remark distinguishing centralized finance from its modern counterpart Defi by saying that “… in traditional financial system you have a bunch of banks connecting people and then you have the decentralised system where a network of computers is connecting people”

Then there were distinguished speakers like Nicholas Palecanos, Amey Rajput, Andrea Bonaceto, Nithin Eapen, Jane Zhang, Nilotpal Mukherjee who spoke on the NFTs, why they are important, how are the speculated in the marketplace and the financial perspectives of NFTs. Nicholas shared his experience in the sphere of NFTs, how the NFT marketplace has had its ups and downs. He talked about companies like Flow, Nifty Gateway, Open Sea, Enjin, Wax and Rarible and called them “the pillar organizations in NFTs”. Andrea called it a “novelty space from an artistic point of view”. 

Moving on to the legal aspects of things, there were renowned orators like Marc Taverner, Mati Greenspan, Siddharth Sogani, Kashif Raja, Amey Rajput, Dotun Rominiyi, Cal Evans talking about the regulation side of the crypto sphere. Marc Taverner commented that “we’re seeing two pieces of proposed regulations onee that gives legal certainty, gives legal framework to crypto assets and crypto service providers and the second is that provides extensively a sandbox for the development of blockchain based applications for main financial markets”. Greenspan gave an overview of “why regulations and how”. Siddharth Sogani shared his own experience interacting with a few Indian bureaucrats and politicians who felt that, “biggest concern with countries like India and China was the risk of capital outlook”. 

Then talking about the sphere of coin prediction there were notables like Tone Vays, Desiree Velleuer, Regine Haschka Helmer and Karthik Iyar analysing coins and predicting the market for the audiences. Tone Vays commented on the same by saying “going into this bull market cycle I really felt that Bitcoin would separate from the rest of the crypto but clearly that has not happened thee rest of the crypto has outpaced the Bitcoin in this particular bull market cycle” therefore indicating that “this market cycle is going to end very similarly to the last market cycle of 2017”. Regine Haschka Helmer had a very interesting point to make that “it is still not easy to buy crypto for normal people” and we must work to “make it easier to buy it and to have it”

The two days made a lot of bangs on social media, leaving behind impactful impressions. The overwhelming response on social media was a true indicator that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the participation and was already looking to know about our next event!

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