South African Government Officials Salaries Revealed – This guys are Millionaires

Have you ever asked yourself how much South African government official earn?

President Cyril Ramaphosa has gazetted the approved salaries of top government officials for the 2021 financial year, which includes remuneration for ministers, premiers, and members of parliament.

The table below shows the total packages for members of parliament, and the national and provincial executives.

Government Remuneration Packages – April 2021 to March 2022
PositionTotal Remuneration
Deputy PresidentR2.825 million
MinisterR2.402 million
Deputy MinisterR1.978 million
Speaker: National AssemblyR2.825 million
Chairperson: NCOPR2.825 million
Deputy Speaker: National AssemblyR1.977 million
Deputy Chairperson: NCOPR1.977 million
House ChairpersonR1.882 million
Chief Whip: Majority PartyR1.600 million
Chief Whip: NCOPR1.600 million
Parliamentary Counsellor: PresidentR1.600 million
Parliamentary Counsellor: Deputy PresidentR1.600 million
Leader of OppositionR1.600 million
Chairperson of a CommitteeR1.495 million
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority PartyR1.346 million
Chief Whip: Largest Minority PartyR1.346 million
Leader of a Minority PartyR1.346 million
WhipR1.250 million
Member: National AssemblyR1.138 million
Permanent Delegate: NCOPR1.138 million
PremierR2.260 million
Member of Executive CouncilR1.978  million
SpeakerR1.978  million
Deputy SpeakerR1.600 million
Chief Whip: Majority PartyR1.496 million
Chairperson of CommitteesR1.346 million
Leader of OppositionR1.346 million
Chairperson of a committeeR1.346 million
Deputy Chairperson of CommitteesR1.267 million
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority PartyR1.267 million
Chief Whip: Largest Minority PartyR1.267 million
Leader of a Minority PartyR1.267 million
Parliamentary Counsellor to a King/QueenR1.138 million
WhipR1.138 million
Member of Provincial LegislatureR1.101 million
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