Moja Love Launches Sister Channel ‘Moja99’ to Empower SA’s Sisterhood

South Africa’s favorite TV channel Moja Love has launched a sister channel called Moja 9.9.

According to the news reports, the new channel is targeted at the ladies (sisterhood) in hopes of empowering the women of South Africa.

In the statement, CEO of Siyaya TV and owner of both channels Aubrey Tau expressed her excitement and thanked the viewers for making this new venture possible.

“Creating the Moja Love brand and seeing it flourish, supported by the talented team that includes the head of the channel, executive committee, executive producers, producers, editors, crews working with a group of the finest storytellers and creators in television, is one of Siyaya TV proudest achievements as a black-owned company. We are thrilled about the channel’s success and excited about the next chapter, the launch of the second channel Moja 9.9,” Aubrey Tau, Siyaya TV CEO.

Read the new channel’s full statement below!

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