Spotify launches Clubhouse competitor Greenroom

Music streaming service Spotify has launched live audio app, called Greenroom, formally launches on iOS and Android. This marks the company’s first real attempt at creating a social media platform.

The social audio app is the same as Clubhouse, it allows users to host live chats about sports, music, and culture.

The platform is an ideal for brands and political organisation to host media briefing, since the covid19 still upon us and we required to maintain social distancing.

According to TheVerge website, the app is built on Locker Room, which Betty Labs created and Spotify acquired in March. That app focused solely on sports content, so users who have been logged on since the start will have to get used to seeing more than just sports talk, which is likely the biggest change.

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The publications cites, Other noticeable changes to the app are mostly visual. It now has a Spotify green-and-black color scheme, as well as a new logo and font. Functionality-wise, it also now features native recording, which will allow users to save their shows and distribute them as podcasts. (Of course, Spotify owns Anchor, so one could easily imagine shows eventually being natively moved to the creation software for further editing and publishing).

Users can sign up with their Spotify login and select their interests from a wider range of topics, like music genres and sports teams.

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