Reuters and Facebook Launches Free Online Course for Journalists

The Facebook Journalism Project has announced their partnership with Reuters to launch a free online training programme for journalists – the Reuters Digital Journalism Course.

The Project works with publishers around the world to strengthen the connection between journalists and the communities they serve. Its training, programs and partnerships work by investing in organisations that fund quality journalism, training newsrooms globally and partnering with publishers and nonprofits to combat misinformation, promote news literacy and improve journalism.

Reuters developed the free online course curriculum after its Digital News Report found more people were using social media to access news. It focuses on digital news gathering, verification and reporting and publishing on social media. It also covers wellness and resilience training while reporting.

Nigeria] Reuters, Adapt IT Expand Relationship to Prioritise Technological  Agility in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to Facebook, the course is aimed at both seasoned journalists and industry newcomers. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.

Jocelyne Muhut-Remy, strategic media partnerships managers, sub-Saharan Africa, said, “At Facebook, we’re grateful to journalists across Africa who are working hard to keep their communities informed about the issues that matter. The Facebook Journalism Project will assist our region’s journalists in developing strong fundamental knowledge as they navigate the rapidly changing digital news landscape.”

This Digital Journalism Course aims to support journalists across English speaking countries in sub-Saharan Africa to build a strong foundation in digital reporting and editing.

Reuters executive editor, Gina Chua, said, “With news media firmly in the digital age, being able to use digital platforms safely and effectively is essential. The Reuters Digital Journalism Course offers best practices from Reuters journalists around the world to provide the foundation for sound journalism, whether you’re a budding journalist or a seasoned one looking for a refresher.”

To sign up for the course, you must create an account on the Reuters Digital Journalism course website. The course is also available to journalists from other parts of the world.

Access the course here.

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