Let’s Help those Affected by the Looting

I woke up yesterday morning and I knew I just had to do something to help the people and businesses that have been negatively impacted by the looting and riots over the last few days. It’s with this in mind that my team and I setup the #SACitizensUnite Relief Fund yesterday, and I’d like to ask you to get involved by donating if you have the means to do so.

Just before I pressed send on this mailer, we had raised over R80,000 in less than 24 hours. In my mind, I thought the most we would raise was R10-20k. The official link to get involved and donate is as follows: https://tickets.heroticket.co.za/thero/shops/73b70ea

Looters formed 3km queue as they stripped warehouse in 'planned attack'

At first, I wanted to channel the funds we raise toward small businesses that have been impacted, but as the idea has evolved throughout the day, I’ve realised that the best thing to do is direct the funds to wherever the money is most needed. Keep in mind, time has been of the essence so I haven’t waited for everything to be perfect, but rather I’ve tried to move as quickly as possible to raise as much money as possible.

Added to this, I reached out to Imtiaaz Sooliman from Gift of the Givers earlier and asked him if he would partner with us to distribute these funds and he has obliged this request.

Please remember, all the money you donate is being collected by an external entity in the form of Hero Ticket, and there will be total transparency in terms of money raised and audit trail. We did the same thing earlier this year in May when we used my birthday to raise R110,000 for two educational organisations. My team and I will make NO money from this exercise and the money will never enter into our account.

I also made a video about the #SACitizensUnite Relief Fund and you can watch it here: https://fb.watch/v/2bS8SpLX0/

Beyond donating, please help my team and I by sharing this video far and wide. Our goal is to play our part like so many other South Africans have done in the last few days. This is just the best way I know how.

By Mark Sharm

PS. We originally planned for our Digital Marketing Workshop (virtual) to take place on 3-5 August but with all the madness from this week, we will be rescheduling for 17-19 August.

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