Charlize Theron, South African born Actress says Change is Happening but Not Fast Enough

Businesses and organisations that are led by women are likely to succeed that’s according to South African born actress and movie star Charlize Theron. Speaking at PSG’s Think Big Series on Tuesday with Bruce Whitfield, Theron said certain events of 2020 brought the kind of “social awakening” the world needed.

“I think there’ve been so many things that we have experienced culturally, that have awoken us to a lot of social and justices,” said Theron.

She said big corporations are “finally understanding that there’s an economic benefit to [diverse leadership] that makes complete sense”. They see that putting women in lead roles or leadership positions is a “very smart” move, she added, saying that companies have moved beyond seeing it simply as “the right thing to do” or “the equal thing to do”.

Thuso Mbedu hangs out with Charlize Theron at 'Fast and Furious 9' screening

Theron, who is also a United Nations Messenger of Peace and a founder of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Campaign, said domestic violence almost doubled in 2020, becoming a global pandemic in its own right. But it was painful to watch how it hit SA “very, very hard”.

“Watching potential go to waste with young women of colour globally is something that really bothers me. Gender-based violence really, really bothers me because part of me wants to say that could be your daughter, that could be your sister, that could be your mother,” said Theron.

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