Open Letter: Career Advice for Over 30

This one is for my people making a career change or pivoting in life, especially for those of you over 30. I know many of you are stressing yourselves out over making the “right” decisions, but the thing you’ve got to know is that there is no right or wrong. Stop asking yourself what you “should” do, and ask yourself what you want to do. 

Listen, I get it. You’ve hit 30 and all of a sudden you’re freaking out about all the time you “wasted” in your twenties. The truth is, spending any time at all judging yourself about your past is a waste of time. You think 30 is too late to start, meanwhile I was stocking shelves in a liquor store at 32. You. Have. Time. 

In the grand scheme of things, it’s still way early for you. Most 30-something year-olds don’t think this way because they grew up in a generation that demonised 30. In reality, you’re a young kid. Even if you sucked in your twenties, it doesn’t matter. Letting go of that judgement will free you up to look at what’s ahead.

Ask yourself two questions. First: What do I like to do? Second: What am I decent at? If you’re lucky enough to find the sweet spot between the two, you’re going to the moon. If anyone has anything to say about it, tune them out. Fuck the hate and the noise. 

Practice not valuing negativity, and that includes your own.

By Gary Vee 

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