Lucid Motors to Dominate Electric Vehicle Market with New Range of Cars

Tesla Motors is currently leading the way in the electric vehicle market however, their lunch is under threat as the majority of motor cars enters the electric market. The company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk is shaking his head wherever he is as the competition comes nearer every day.

Lucid Motors is one of many electric cars that is coming to compete with Tesla. The company is about to introduce new electric cars that will shake the electric vehicles market industry, that includes the luxury Lucid Air Dream Edition Range. The luxury vehicle shows Tesla flames as it looks exquisite across the board and it’s a must-have.

Lucid plans to produce and sell other variants of the Air, including a Grand Touring version that received a 516-mile EPA range rating. The Grand Touring variant has a starting price of $139,000, while the longest-range Dream Edition has a base price of $169,000. The automaker plans to sell two other, less expensive versions: the Air Touring that starts at $95,000 and the Air Pure with a $77,400 base price.

Enjoy More Pictures of Lucid EV!

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