FNB eBucks Still Most Used Loyalty Programme under Banking

FNB leads financial services as most Used Loyalty Programme!

FNB eBucks is still leading loyalty in non-retail, and has been the most used loyalty programme in the financial services space for the past six years.

When forced to choose one loyalty programme over all others, FNB eBucks is chosen as the one loyalty programme which South Africans cannot live without. In fact, consumers vote for seven financial services loyalty brands ahead of retail.

This highlights how well financial services are integrating loyalty and rewards into their core businesses and the cash equivalent value offered through loyalty and rewards outweighs some traditional retail loyalty offerings.

Preferred loyalty benefits

Cashback remains the number one loyalty benefit of choice, followed by discount vouchers. All ages, income and genders vote for cashback. Amanda Cromhout, CEO of Truth and author of the whitepaper states: “Cash has never been more important than right now and throughout the past year in economically challenging times. Cash-strapped South Africans have used their loyalty programme benefits to survive.”

Surprisingly, consumers still prefer to swipe a plastic loyalty card than identify themselves via apps. In a touch-less society, driven by the global pandemic, it comes as a surprise that more South Africans prefer a card than in 2019, at a level of 76%.

“The 2021 loyalty whitepaper findings offer great insights for brands looking to become market leaders in loyalty. In today’s competitive environment, staying close to your customers via a loyalty programme is a must: During the troubled months of the pandemic, it is undoubtedly loyal customers who have helped businesses survive,” concludes Cromhout.

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