Spotify tests Video Feed in its App as the try to copy TikTok

Big tech companies ran out of ideas or what, as everyone copy what TikTok is doing.

Music and podcasting streaming service Spotify announced is testing video feed feature on its app. The new feature Discover, which presents a vertical feed of music videos that users can scroll through and optionally like or skip.

For those who have access to the feature, it appears as a fourth tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Spotify app, in between Home and Search.

According to TechCrunch, the new addition was first spotted by Chris Messina, who tweeted out a video of the Discover feature in action. He described it as a “pared-down version” of a TikTok-style feed of music videos.

Messina told TechCrunch he found the feature in Spotify’s TestFlight build (a beta version for iOS), where a new icon in the navigation toolbar brings you immediately to the video feed when tapped. You can then swipe up and down to move through the feed, much like you would on TikTok. In addition to tapping the heart to like songs, you also can tap the three-dot menu to bring up the standard song information sheet, he notes.

“At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience,” said the company spokesperson.

“Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We don’t have any further news to share at this time,” they added.

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