To Let Signs you See Chances is People Lost their Jobs in that Building writes Rethabile Mohlala

Every time You See To Let Sign In a Building Chances is People Lost their Jobs

Lately, I have been driving around different towns and cities all I see is To Let signs on office parks. What comes to my mind is another footprint of the Covid19 Pandemic where the majority of South Africans lost their jobs while some are working from home.

According to stats SA people lost their jobs in large numbers and we all don’t know whether those jobs will come back or not but given the current state of affairs economically it’s unlikely.

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It’s time to start creating new jobs and a new future for South Africans, those jobs we lost are not coming back anytime soon, it’s over and done.

Now is the time for different players to come together and start collaborating to create new opportunities and possibilities to re-start and jumpstart the economy.

The government has to play a crucial position to turn this economy around. One of those positive moves the government can make is to create a healthy environment for small and medium enterprises to thrive.

I told a buddy of mine about the To Let signs on the highways and office parks, she said to me, just go and add ‘I’ on To Let signs and make Toilet. Those are real jobs that are being lost and we are not sure if they’re coming back or not, unfortunately.

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Recently, I read an article about the US economy and the state of low paying jobs. The article talks about restaurants and coffee shops that are struggling to attract staff members. As the majority of the workforce are leaving their jobs because they can’t stand low paying jobs anymore.

What happens normally, that low paying jobs are attractive to immigrants. Because of former USA President Donald Trump’s immigration reforms, not enough immigrants can take advantage of job opportunities.

It is a huge contrast to what is happening in the US and South Africa. Hopefully, things will change given what’s happening in South Africa and some parts of the African continent. By the way is not only SA that is going the most, even the rest of the world. One wish is that those American jobs can be shipped across the ocean for our locals to take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, South Africans have to wait a little longer for the current situation to end or to subside because at the moment is spreading like a wildfire, blazing everywhere. However, time is something that other people don’t in their reserve talk. The current state of affairs is getting darker and gloomier every day.

By Rethabile Mohlala

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