ANC unlikely to win 2024 elections despite Ramaphosa wins party elections says Moeletsi Mbeki

Moeletsi Mbeki, the chairperson of SA Institute of international affairs says all evidence shows that the ANC won’t win the 2024 national elections. 

According to Mbeki, the majority of South Africans have lost all confidence in the ability of the African National Congress (ANC) to provide them with a better life. 

Speaking to Talk Radio 702 host  BonganiBingwa, Mbeki said, “I made this prediction in 2011 that we will have an outbreak similar to the Arab Spring that occurred in 2011 and I gave the reasons for it. I said it will happen in 2020, I was a year out of my production and it did happen and more is still to come.” 

Economic and political analyst went further to say, “the ANC is unlikely to win the 2024 elections so in that respect Cyril Ramaphosa even if he wins the ANC presidential elections in December, the party is unlikely to win the 2024 elections.” 

All the evidence that is coming out and came out in the local government elections shows that the ANC will not win the next elections, concludes Mbeki. 

Moeletsi is making a valid point, the African National Congress is just a mess, the infighting amongst party members, stealing from the poor and corruption is very rife. 

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