PayPal allow users to sent money to Ukrainians

The international payment platform, PayPal is expanding its services to allow its users to sent money to Ukrainians. The move comes after Russia decided to invade Ukraine. 

The expansion allows Ukrainian PayPal account holders to send and receive payments from friends, colleagues and family worldwide. 

Ukrainian customers who receive money in their PayPal Wallet will be able to transfer the funds to their bank account by linking an eligible Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card. 

“Our teams have worked intensively to identify how PayPal could best and quickly provide additional services to Ukrainians,” the letter from PayPal reads. 

“We believe this service with being helpful for people in Ukraine to receive money from their friends and relatives around the world. It will also help Ukrainian refugees in other countries, so they can receive money to use or withdraw in their current location.”

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