Social Media pose a Thread to Democracy – says President Obama

Former President Barack Obama is concern about social media platforms, he says social media are designed to destroy democracies. 

“Disinformation is a threat to our democracy, and will continue to be unless we work together to address it,” said Obama.

The forever POTUS was speaking at the recent event co-hosted by the Stanford Cyber Policy Centre and his organisation, the Obama Foundation. 

“As Putin discovered leading up to the 2016 election, our own social media platforms are well designed to support such a mission,” Obama said “… In the competition between truth and falsehood, cooperation and conflict, the very design of these platforms seems to be tilting us in the wrong direction. And we’re seeing the results.” 

Obama says is not too late to make amends and right choices for this moving target of technology. 

“Not all problems we are seeing now are an inevitable byproduct of this new technology. They’re also the result of very specific choices made by the companies that have come to dominate the internet, generally, and social media platforms in particular.”

We don’t know what to believe now because this is the same President Obama who once said, ‘fragmented media is a threat to the democracy.” 

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