Man City launches a CoachingHub App, a go-to place for football coaching

Manchester City football club is sharing the secrets of their success with the rest of the world through a new app CoachingHub.  

The Go-to Place for football coaching provides insights into City’s coaching foundations, session plans, team development, performance analysis, nutrition, strength and conditioning. 

According to the City’s website, the app can be used by everyone who coaches football or coaches who belong to a club. 

“For parents who want to support their children on their footballing journey. For grassroots coaches. For academy staff. For everyone.” 

Man City stated that they also use the CoachingHub app across their different teams from junior division to senior team. 

“All content is based on the Manchester City coaching philosophy. We use it to develop our own players.” 

How much is the CoachingHub?

The CoachingHub is rolling an annual contract of £79.99 per year (which can be cancelled at any time as required, just like Netflix). The website states that this is an introductory price, with the annual price scheduled to be increased to £120 per year. 

Once you signed up or subscribe for the CoachingHub you can start learning from the word go. The app is updated with new content and information on a going basis. 

“Anytime, anywhere. Learn at your own pace with articles and video lessons on the platform. We keep updating the content and add new insights regularly. We also keep developing the formats on the platform – webinars, podcasts to be added soon.”

CoachingHub is available on both desktop and mobile web platforms, and also via the CoachingHub App, available via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

According to the app’s FAQs, the CoachingHub is a stand-alone product and content offering, with no content appearing on City+ or the Man City App.

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