Woolworths launches Electric delivery Vans to cut Carbon emissions

Woolworths is serious about cutting carbon emissions by rolling out electric delivery vans across the city of Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban. 

The launch follows a successful 10 months trial or pilot project by the food retailer. About 70% of Woolworths’ fleet will be powered by electricity. 

To get this project going and off the ground Woolies partnered with DSV and Everlectric. 

Liz Hillock, Woolworths head of online and mobile said: “We will work closely with DSV and Everlectric to plan, position and negotiate the installation of these charging stations to leverage off existing renewable or solar installations co-located at the selected malls or retail locations.”

Liz says introducing the electric fleet is part of the company’s strategic plan to grow its e-commerce business. 

“This latest investment in electric panel vans enables us to continue to grow our online business and deliver the Woolies difference, but with a lower carbon footprint.” 

“We are very much looking forward to being the first retailer in South Africa to embark on such an extensive rollout of electric panel vans to support our growing online business,” adds Hillock. 

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