Tennis rockstar Nick Kyygios joins Naomi Osaka’s Evolve, a sports agency 

Tennis super star Naomi Osaka is more that just tennis, she add a new title under her belt mogul. Osaka sports agency recently signed Australian tennis sensation Nick Kyygios on their roster. 

Stuart Duguid, Osaka’s business partner and co-founder said since they started the agency they have been very selective on who should join their agency, however they’re happy with the outspoken Kyygios to be part of their team. 

“I always like to do things my way,” Kyrgios told Boardroom. “And I don’t care too much for the status quo. Evolve shares that vision.” 

“What they achieved with Naomi over the past few years is unprecedented,” Kyrgios says. “Since working with Stu, my business has grown tremendously.”

Essentially, the Evolve model seeks to magnify personality and align interests for dynamic deals. These deals often include equity and always allow the client to learn and grow rather than simply collect a succession of checks.

“When we think about partnerships, it’s not about money, it’s what feels like a good fit,” says Carly, Stuart’s wife and co-founder of Evolve. “We really lean into things that make sense for their personalities on and off the court.” 

The company said their next signee it has to be some who’s on top of their game and willing to challenge the status quo. 

“Our next athlete would be someone who’s at the top or has the potential to get to the top of the sport,” says Stuart. “Someone who’s thinking, ‘Who do I align myself with to take advantage of this opportunity?

“That opportunity could be wanting to invest in companies, or that opportunity could be wanting to build a safari in Africa. Anything that is a creative and uncharted path. Anything that’s above and beyond what’s been done before interests me.”

At Evolve isn’t solely focused on aligning endorsers and as agents it’s not all about getting a cut.

“It’s more, ‘can we make an impact outside of the sport?’” says Stuart. “If it’s just doing an endemic Nike deal and a Wilson racket, I’m probably not the right guy. But if you want to influence culture, build a business, invest in businesses, and you’re an athlete on a scale and platform that can do that? I think we can be very helpful.”

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