Leadership 2020 partners with Yellow Card to offer Crypto lessons for Free

Gone are the days you have to pay to learn or to get an education. With the creator economy, students can learn for free. Leadership 2020 has partnered with Yellow Card, a crypto payment platform to launch and offer the course for free. 

Both companies are giving back to South African youth through education on crypto and digital money. 

“There is only a handful of Africans that have taken full advantage of what we call the #cryptoeffect. Thanks to Yellowcard we have a FREE crypto course that you may take advantage of to guide you through the world of cryptocurrency,” reads the company statement. 

According to Alice Tomdio, the current chief financial officer of Yellow Card Financial, a leading pan-African cryptocurrency exchange, “following a bull run in 2021, the crypto industry in 2022 entered a deep bear market that turned out to be quite unpredictable and turbulent. Cryptocurrency traders, enthusiasts, and industry insiders went through a series of highs and lows. The market capitalisation of crypto assets shrunk by more than $2.2tn.”

Why is this such a big deal? 

Having your own piece of digital currency widens your scope and gives you advantages that include:

– Protection from inflation

– Self-governance and management

– Decentralization

– Transactions in a cost-effective way

– Smooth finishes to currency exchanges and,

– Easy transfer of funds

“There was the collapse of Terra and the bankruptcy of 3AC and FTX. But there was also massive institutional adoption of crypto with Disney, Fidelity, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and Starbucks embracing blockchain and crypto,” Tomdio adds.

She believes that “when it comes to the future of crypto in Africa, although much is still uncertain, the possibilities for growth and integration are endless. Crypto and web3 have reached more users – to a point that clearly signals that the technology is here to stay.” 

She believes as Africans we have the responsibility to educate one another about the importance of Crypto and the digital economy. 

“Our job is to make the technology accessible, reliable, and safe for users. We are the agents that will continue to redefine how we think about money, ownership, and identity. I’m very excited to see what 2023 brings as we at Yellow Card continue to accelerate financial freedom for all on the African continent.”

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