OPINION | You’re in control of your life, start taking accountability writes Gary Vee

I’m here to remind you on this Monday evening that you are in control of your life… just you!!

Stop letting external factors dictate your path.. stop letting the past dictate your future. It’s time to take the wheel and drive it towards the direction you want to go, and if you don’t know where that is, take different paths until you figure it out.

For every one of you reading this, I want this to be your year.. but me wanting it for you isn’t enough. You gotta look in the mirror and point a thumb back at yourself aka stop making excuses and start taking some real accountability. 

If you’re unhappy, what are you gonna do about it?? The truth is, if you’re unhappy, you have nothing to lose, so why not double, no, triple-down on doing everything you can to make yourself happier?

Try new shit, taste things, stop doing stuff you hate and start doing stuff you love or stuff you’re curious about. Remember, the only person stopping you is you…

If you need some extra encouragement, here’s a little throwback to my classic “Monday Morning Rant.” I first posted this almost a decade ago, but I think it can still help so many of you ❤️

By Gary Vee – Founder and CEO of Vayner Media and VaynerX

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