Zenley co-founder and ex-CEO joins forces to launch Amo, a new social media platform 

As the saying goes once App business bites you it’s kinda hard to let it go. Fast forward Antoine Martin, the co-founder of Zenley makes a comeback with the launch of Amo, a new social media Platform. 

Martin is not alone on this journey, joined by Zenly’s former CEO and managing director Michael Goldenstein and others on the new venture. 

You might be wondering what purpose does this startup serve? It seeks to fix the problems with today’s social networks by focusing on connecting friends in the real world, not connecting the whole world.  

“Today’s social products have become overly complex and commoditized super apps that no longer serve the best interests of those who use them, but rather the advertisers that feed their top line,” says Goldenstein. 

“TikTok is eating the world and only making things worse as companies focus their efforts on getting their screen time back instead of focusing on why people use their products in the first place. Meanwhile, doom-scrolling TikTok and its equivalents isn’t making anyone feel good,” he explained. 

Martin also recently wrote the mission statement of the company on his Twitter: “we are finally free, excited and will try a lot of things. You can expect us to take risks, build even weirder features, generate emotions and stronger friendships and hopefully find some success along the way,” Martin tweeted. 

“We’ll be doing our best to serve you above all else, and hope to be on your springboard in 2023.” 

Do you think Amo will penetrate the market?

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