Roblox wants to take its users to the metaverse and virtual world by just typing 

Roblox has announced that they’re working on a new set of tools that will allow users to experience the virtual world by typing. 

The company believes their new tools will make it possible for users to enjoy and experience the metaverse world. 

Roblox says it is testing two different implementations of generative AI, one that creates virtual materials based on a natural language prompt (the car textures in the video below) and another that can create code based on text inputs. Both will roll out to Roblox Studio developers in the coming weeks. 

“… Some creators know how to code, but may have limited experience creating high-fidelity 3D models. Others may be more experienced with model design, but less experienced with code,” Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman wrote in a blog post. 

“In both cases, we see a future in which even a beginner (such as myself for example – I’m a terrible artist!) can get a running head start as they look to bring their imagination to life in a Roblox experience.” 

Are you ready to start using Roblox tools for the virtual world? 

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