Elon Musk’s Tesla let go of workers after they launched a union campaign 

Tesla doesn’t fuck around, the electric car manufactured has fired more that 30 employees who tried to launch a union campaign in one of the Tesla factory in Buffalo, New York, that’s according to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board. 

The car manufacturer always discouraged workers to organise and unionised, the move its against the values of the company, it’s either you tore the line off leave/fuck off literally. 

The Tesla Workers United was formed with the objectives of fighting for better pay, job security and better working conditions, unfortunately the company said not here, go and try somewhere. 

In a letter to the media, Tesla Workers United said, “wants to make their stance clear: These firings are unacceptable. The expectations required of us are unfair, unattainable, ambiguous and ever changing. For our CEO, Elon Musk, to fire 30 workers and announce his $2 billion charity donation on the same day is despicable. We stand as one.” 

The company issued an order that organising at the company’s premises without permission is not allowed.  

“We’re angry. This won’t slow us down. This won’t stop us. They want us to be scared, but I think they just started a stampede. We can do this. But I believe we will do this,” Sara Costantino, current Tesla employee and organising committee member, read the workers statement. 

What you think, who’s right or wrong? 

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