WhatsApp to launch a privacy newsletter tool that users will able to track data  

The world of the internet has allowed everyone to be a broadcaster and media owner instead of relying on big media houses like in the olden days. 

The majority of people are aware that the use of technology and platforms like Substack allows some journalists to be their own bosses instead of working for a newsroom. The trend of journalists and reporters continues to grow. 

The most used instant chat messaging platform WhatsApp is playing to launch a privacy newsletter tool. The tool is currently in beta testing to see if it’s viable or not. 

WhatsApp could provide a superior newsletter experience by offering users the ability to read all the newsletters within the instant messaging app. The open rate will go off the roof and WhatsApp can offer more sophisticated analytics to those writing those newsletters, TechCrunch states. 

“In newsletters, WhatsApp can also find a way to get its users to spend even more time on the app. As WhatsApp gears up its business offerings, in newsletters it can also find a way to better serve brands,” the publication reports. 

The move to launch the WhatsApp newsletter will be a game changer for the platform since they have 2 billion daily active users Worldwide. 

WhatsApp’s newsletter tool will also be a big win for brands, they will be able to use the platform to decimate their propaganda or agenda information or marketing campaigns. 

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