Lyft refuses claims of not paying its drivers for late time fees – drivers says the opposite 

The e-hailing company Lyft has been accused that is not paying its drivers’ wait time fees. The company refuses such claims that they do pay its drivers to wait time fees though is not a big up amount because they don’t charge a lot of money.  

“upfront ride information,” drivers do receive wait time pay now. (Upfront ride information means drivers can see where the trip is going before accepting a ride, said Lyft spokesperson Katie Kim.  

“Regions where this is active include New York City, Washington state, Portland, Toronto and Vancouver.) Every other market is considered an 

“upfront pay” region and drivers in those regions will be seeing wait time pay in their wallets “within the coming weeks.” 

According to Lyft, they introduced upfront pay last October, a few months after Uber launched a similar feature in July. The feature lets drivers see ride information and what they’ll earn before accepting a ride. While the companies have marketed upfront pay to drivers as a transparency tool, some drivers say it’s just a disguised pay cut.  

Some drivers commented about their unfair experiences and their displeasure on a social media platform like Reddit. 

“I declined a request that was 28 miles (34 minutes) for $10.26 and about 40 seconds later the same ride was $21.74,” wrote one Redditer

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