Mzansi medical startup Envisionit Deep AI receives $1.65 Million cash injection to scale its operation 

South African medical AI startup has received a $1.65 Million investment to expand its operations. The company is owned by Dr Jaishree Naidoo who happens to be a paediatric radiologist. The seed funding was led by New GX Ventures SA, a joint venture between New GX Capital, RMB Ventures and GIIG Africa. 

“We have this exciting goal to combine revolutionary technology like artificial intelligence with radiology and we want to transform the way radiologists look, interpret imaging and make a diagnosis,” said Naidoo, who doubles up as the company’s CEO. 

Naidoo has been pushing the Envisionit Deep AI startup since 2019 alongside her husband Terence Naidu, and Andrei Migatchev as business partners. Unlike its competitors, the company uses AI to bridge the demand for diagnostic imaging. 

“Radify AI has received approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Association. But we want to go global and that is why we’re busy seeking approval from FDA and European Medical Agency,” said Naidoo. 

Naidoo believes that her medical startup will use its infrastructure to reduce the burden on the healthcare system which is under severe pressure. 

“Typically a radiographer takes X-rays, then patients would go back home and collect the results later, sometimes after several months. Delayed diagnosis means diseases could advance further. We are taking that lag away because when you know what to treat, you treat it quickly,” said Naidoo. 

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