OPINION | Practical advise for business leaders writes Gary Vee

Here are some questions to think about when building your company’s culture… What does it mean for someone to say they’ve worked at your company?

What do you want it to say on your tombstone?

The way to build great culture is not in words that are written on the wall.. it’s not in snacks or cool office “perks,” but in your actions as a leader. You have to make every one of your employees and team members understand that you care about them more than you want them to care about you.

This can look like lots of different things… it means not being afraid to fire your top salesperson because they’re also not a nice person and they’re poisoning the team … it means knowing who your employees are, what drives them, and if their needs have changed with time.

It also means promoting and compensating people based on how hard they work, not on how well you know them. A great work culture is one that “works” for everyone. It should work when things are easy and it should work when those unavoidable fires pop up.

As a leader, the second you slack on your culture is the second you lose.

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