US Congress orders Meta not to allow teens in their metaverse technology  

Political and government interference in big tech is growing bigger and becoming insane, now blocking freedom in innovation. Lately, US congress members have asked Meta Platforms CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg not to allow teens in Horizon Worlds. 

According to a leaked report and memo, Meta may open access to its social VR platform for users aged 13 to 17 as early as this month. 

“Any strategy to invite young users into a digital space rife with potential harms should not be driven by a goal to maximize profit,” the senators wrote. “We call on you to immediately halt Meta’s plan to bring teen users onto Horizon Worlds.” 

After allegations of sexual harassment and some users reported being groped in Horizon Worlds, Meta has had problems both with onboarding users to Horizon Worlds and with keeping users protected while using the platform. 

“With a documented track record of failing to protect children and teens, Meta has lost parents’, paediatricians’, policymakers’, and the public’s trust,” the letter says.

According to tech insiders, Horizon Worlds is a key component of Meta’s vision for its metaverse, since it’s the company’s primary social experience in VR, but the platform has yet to attract a substantial user base. 

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