Swedish Radio station quit Twitter for good due to lack of relevance with its audience 

Swedish Radio announced that it is leaving Twitter for good. The station claims that the social media platform has lost its relevance with its audience. 

“The audience has simply chosen other places to be. And therefore Sveriges Radio now chooses to deactivate or delete the last remaining accounts,” Christian Gillinger, head of Social Media at Swedish Radio, said in a blog post. 

Swedish Radio is not the first radio station to leave the social media platform. 

A couple of weeks back, U.S. broadcasters NPR and PBS and Canada’s CBC quit Twitter after the social media company added new labels to their accounts designating them “government-funded media”. 

“Of course, these are factors that also weigh in when we now decide to be editorially inactive on the platform,” he said.

Comment: Unfortunately the station is grandstanding in the public gallery hoping to score points from woke nation. All this is just bullsh*t, who cares that a Swedish Radio station left Twitter. 

By Rethabile Mohlala

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