OPINION | Keep Your Head Above Water writes Catherine Wijnberg

“When we start the day with a sense of achievement, we reset our thinking from confusion to confidence.”

This morning I received an email from an entrepreneur saying how difficult it is to stay positive in what feels like a sea of turmoil and unpaid bills.  

Having experienced my own times when I was struggling to keep my head above water this is one of the reasons why I write these weekly blogs, to share ideas and methods that have worked for me. 

It is most important, when times feel hard, that we find ways to focus on the things within our control in order to bring positivity into our life. 

And probably the most important reminder is that how you start your daydetermines how you live it. When we start the day with a sense of achievement, no matter how small, we reset our thinking from confusion to confidence and hopelessness to courage

My daily routine that already puts me on the winner’s podium before I get to my desk, goes like this: 

  • Rise early - get up before those around you. Do read The 5am Clubbook for motivation
  • Begin each day with positive motivational messages.  Something that boosts your self belief, and
  • Exercise – 20 mins of cardio clears the body of toxins, keeps you strong and fit, and freshens up your mindset

And lastly, when times are tough it’s important to look your problems in the eye, tackle them one at a time, and if you have a mentor, reach out to them too. 

You can do it! Sending love and powerful energy for your day 

Kind regards, 

By Catherine Wijnberg

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