Empire Partner Foundation (EPF) Tech Awards Entries are Now Open

The Empire Partner Foundation (EPF) is actively involved in promoting the development of youth and entrepreneur skills in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector since 2016. EPF has a strong focus on recognizing and supporting local talent and technology in South Africa. To highlight and celebrate the achievements in this field, EPF Annual Technology Awards. This prestigious event aims to showcase the talent and technology of tech-based businesses across all nine provinces of South Africa. 

The awards will provide an opportunity for these businesses to gain recognition and exposure for their innovative contributions to the ICT sector. EPF is enthusiastic about creating a platform that not only acknowledges the achievements of South African tech businesses but also encourages their continued growth and success. By organizing the EPF Annual Technology Awards, EPF aims to foster a vibrant and competitive tech ecosystem within the country while promoting local talent and homegrown technology solutions.

The Purpose

To recognize and acknowledge South African talent and locally developed technology. EPF would like your support in showcasing this talent and technology at the EPF Annual Technology Awards Event. 

The EPF Annual Tech Awards Event will provide a platform for youth, companies, startups, and innovators to showcase their tech solutions. The aim is to promote tech innovations, facilitate networking opportunities, create a platform for market access for youth entrepreneurs, and promote skills development.

The Annual Tech Awards will enable talented youth and entrepreneurs to feature a wide range of technologies, including software technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Fintech, Edutech, ESG tech, Data tech & Property Tech, Virtual Reality and more. 

This Annual Event will gather experts, thought leaders, and tech funders and will stimulate discussion, spark new ideas, and inspire new innovations and collaborations that can drive progress and economic growth within industries.


We request that you nominate candidates for our upcoming EPF Annual Tech Awards event. We greatly admire youth’s commitment to creating tech solutions, youth development initiatives, and entrepreneurs in Africa and we believe that our event aligns perfectly with South Africa’s socio-economic growth goals.

The EPF Tech Awards will recognize and honor outstanding achievements in the field of technology and highlight the youth, entrepreneurs, companies, municipalities, and organizations that are making a significant impact on the advancement of technology in the country.

These awards will inspire and encourage others to pursue similar goals and improve job creation opportunities and that will improve youth employment. 

We believe that the nomination of Young innovators will contribute to the growth and development of the technology sector and the empowerment of young entrepreneurs to create impactful solutions.

Benefits of Nominations

A nomination signifies that your work or achievements have been acknowledged by others in your field. Increased Visibility opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, or partnerships. Provide excellent networking opportunities. Award ceremonies, events, or gatherings associated with the nomination allow you to connect with other professionals, experts, and influential individuals in your field. Networking can lead to valuable connections, mentorship, and future collaborations. Nominations act as a form of validation and can enhance your credibility. 

They demonstrate that your work has been reviewed and acknowledged by experts or a judging panel, lending credibility to your achievements and reinforcing your professional reputation. Provide excellent material for marketing and promotion. You can leverage the nomination in your marketing campaigns, on your website, on social media platforms, and in your professional profiles. It serves as a powerful endorsement and can attract new clients, customers, or followers. It distinguishes an entrepreneur as a top performer or standout professional and provides a competitive edge.


Should be a South African Citizen. Youth Aged 18 – 35 years 

Be a Registered business in South Africa 1 – 3 Years in operation 

For Entrepreneurs 18 – 35 Years old 

Technology Readiness Level – 6 Technology Readiness Level 6 Description: Prototype System Verified: System/process prototype demonstration in an operational environment (beta prototype system level). 

Impact Sectors 

1. Water 




5. Agriculture 



8. Rural 

9. Transport 



Lifetime Achievement Award 

Tech Industry leaders 

NPO/NGO Impact in Social, youth & Innovation 

Global Impact – Foreign companies making an impact in SA 

Outstanding Women in Tech 

Young /Emerging Innovator Award 

Best Tech Solution Award 

Best Tech Start-up Award 

Best Tech Product Award 

Entrepreneur of the Year 

Social Impact Creator (Company/Project) 

Leadership & Community Builder Award

For more information about EPF Awards Click here.

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