OPINION | I Celebrate the Bravery and Brilliance that Resides in every Woman writes Joanna Govender

On this International Women’s Day, I celebrate the immeasurable spirit of bravery and brilliance that resides in every woman. I celebrate the women who cast off societal shackles and dared to imagine the impossible and relentlessly and dauntlessly pursued making that a reality.

I celebrate the bridge builders. The women who, like myself, are connecting communities across the digital divide, using technology as a torch to illuminate paths towards empowerment and opportunity.

All women – every one of us – are architects of change, crafting solutions not just with code, but with compassion, understanding, and foresight. We have the power to shift paradigms and fundamentally enhance the lives of those in our communities, within our country, and globally.

The gauntlet lies at our feet. And we must take it up and embrace the privilege of this challenge. This is our chance to use technology to forge a new world, filled with opportunities and promise for everyone.

My heart beats for the girls in rural villages, the budding entrepreneurs in bustling cities, for every woman daring to dream of a brighter future. Let’s build bridges, not barriers, fostering education, igniting innovation, and unlocking the boundless potential within each other.

Together let us find, nurture, and mentor the future giants of technology. Let’s channel the spirits of the Grace Hoppers, the Margaret Hamiltons, and the Katherine Johnsons who came before us and showed us that the only barriers to progress, innovation, and success are the barriers that we accept. We need to nurture within ourselves – and within every other woman – a steadfast refusal to accept the limitations that are placed in our way. Our time is now.

Together, we can bridge the gap between possibility and reality, creating a future where every woman stands tall, a pillar of progress, and a beacon of hope. Let’s make this International Women’s Day not just a celebration, but a call to action. Let’s build a world where technology empowers, not divides, and where every girl has the chance to become the architect of her own dreams.

By Joanna Govender – CEO of EPF Tech Fund

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