World Economic Forum’s Talk-shop Davos summit might not take place next year

The World Economic Forum’s flagship summit in the Swiss ski resort of Davos might just be cancelled in 2021, according to a report from

The four-day conference, which brings together politicians, plutocrats, celebrities and activists, was first expected to be delayed from January 2021 to “early next summer” because of safety threats posed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now, it seems, the event might not take place at all.

A cancellation of the event would cause massive losses to businesses in Davos-Klosters as the occasion contributes millions of francs annually to the Swiss economy. Hotel operators and restaurants look forward to the event, as thousands of visitors massively swell their earnings.

A WEF spokesperson told that the organization is not “communicating on this topic for the time being, because no decision has yet been made.” Further information is expected in the coming weeks.

Business Insider

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