TIDAL, Jay Z’s Streaming Service Partners With Facebook to Give You a Front Row Seat to VR Concerts

Though concert halls are closed and artists have stopped touring, you can still get a front-row seat to some amazing musical experiences. TIDAL has partnered with Facebook’s virtual reality platform Oculus “to bring live, immersive, and intimate music performances straight into people’s homes,” the press release says.

Oculus Quest headsets, much like Facebook, help connect people with each other and the world through innovative, world-class VR hardware and software.

The global music streaming service and social media titan wants fans to feel like they’re standing in the crowd at exclusive performances with VR, high-quality audio, and 2D video. The concerts will be available via virtual reality in the Venues app (found in the Oculus Quest) and in 2D video and high-quality audio in TIDAL.

“At a time when livestreamed performances are seen as the new norm, TIDAL’s partnership with Oculus provides music lovers an elevated concert experience with more interaction and dimension than past livestreams,” said Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO. “Oculus is revolutionizing the live music experience and matched with TIDAL’s HiFi audio quality, members will be able to remember what it feels like to stand in a large crowd at a concert venue.”

To access the forthcoming experiences, users must own a Quest, starting at $299. However, both TIDAL members and nonmembers can enjoy reimagined live experiences.


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