Google Drive will Start to Delete Trashed files after 30 days

Google is changing how Google Drive handles trashed files and documents. Starting on October 13th, files in the trash will automatically delete after 30 days. The change means that Drive’s trash will work the same way as other Google products, like Gmail, for more consistent behavior across all of Google’s products.

Previously, Google Drive would keep files in the trash indefinitely — unless you went in and emptied the trash to actually delete them for real — making it less of a “trash” and more of a way to just hide files you didn’t want to see. Administrators for G Suite will also still have the power to restore items that are deleted from the trash for up to 25 days for active users, so if you accidentally lost a critical work document, there’s still a chance to save it.

While the automatic trashing feature might be frustrating to some users, there may be actual benefits, too, since Google counts trashed files that aren’t deleted toward your Drive storage quota.

To make sure everyone is aware of the feature, Google will also add a banner notification to Google Drive as well as the specific Google Docs and Google Forms apps.


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