TelkomONE Streaming Service is Looking for Content Creators to Feed its Service

So you like to think you’re a budding South African content creator, do you? Well, prepare to have your hopes dashed, or your dreams come true, because Telkom’s new TelkomONE streaming service might make you a very happy person. Or a sad one.

And that’s because it’s looking for content creators for TelkomONE, a new “…streaming platform that celebrates local talent.” The service, which will launch in November this year (or is expected to), is looking for content based around three different categories.

Why care about TelkomONE? 

Why care indeed? Well, there are three categories Telkom is looking for submission for — Mobinovela, Comedy, and Lifestyle, which we’ll get into in a bit. And you want to submit because three entrants will receive a R100,000 cash injection to make content for TelkomONE. The best bit is that anyone can enter — pros and amateurs, so if you’ve got an amazing idea for some content, go for it.

Comedy… is self-explanatory as a category. Standup, spoof, satire, it’s all an option. Lifestyle includes… the sort of thing Stuff does, but also items like cooking shows, travel, fitness or… well, lifestyle stuff. And the Mobinovela? That’s basically a short soap opera, so if you’re feeling dramatic (or live with a drama queen), you might be able to translate real-life into something with an evil twin or two for Telkom.

Local flavour

Telkom’s Wanda Mkhize said, “TelkomONE is a proudly local and South African service and naturally, we want to host and showcase outstanding content by content producers from our very own shores, including filmmakers, videographers, writers and directors on the platform.”

“To this end, we have created a competition under the hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry where such content producers wishing to be noticed can enter for an amazing opportunity to not only win cash prizes to assist them with their content production but to also have their final body of work featured on our platform for viewing by our audience.”

There are a few terms and conditions, of course. You have to be over 18 years of age, you have to get your submission/s in before 30 November and you need to submit at least one but no more than three five to ten minute-long short clips to support your entry. Along with it, you’ll also need to include “Content title/ Name; Description; Entry category; Video upload; Supporting documents and Contact details”. If you’re looking for more information (and a longer look at the Ts&Cs), you can check out the submission website here.

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