Why some people make more money than others by Mark Sham

Without question, I believe there is an invisible code as to how money moves in this world and while I definitely haven’t cracked the code completely (none of us have), I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned while trying to make and keep money in my own life.

I personally have a deep desire to make a lot of money because it represents energy and freedom to me. I believe I was put on this earth to help other people become better versions of themselves. Money enables me to build a business/system that can do just that. At the same time, money ultimately gives me the freedom to do the things I want when I want, and with who I want.

There is a saying that that money creates money, but more than that, I believe that mindset makes money. That’s why some people can start with absolutely NOTHING and make more money than they could spend in a lifetime. That’s also why some people can inherit mass wealth, and have nothing to show for it at the end of their life.

At the heart of it, we all need money to provide for our basic human needs like have access to food, water, warmth, rest, security, and safety. But once you have enough money for these needs, money then starts to represent very different things to different people. And people have many different emotions toward money. And that’s where things get really interesting!

As we grow up, we are taught that we either have to have a job or own a business to make money. And then that’s it. But we are missing the key ingredient which is mindset development. My good friend Allon Raiz summed up wealth creation perfectly for me in these few short words:”Business at its core is the exchange of value. There is no secret to business, just the constant discovery of what is valuable to whom, how to efficiently create that value, and how to widely communicate it.”

In other words, regardless of your career choice, you are actually in the business of value creation for others. Wealth creation is a skill that is acquired by having a certain mentality. The trick lies in developing this mindset and the necessary emotions to be able to create value for others.If you see money as evil, or you believe the only way to make money is by working 18 hours a day, life will always be hard. If you aren’t confident in your ability or don’t develop your ability to create value for others, life will also be hard.

These days, there is an added layer of complexity because technology enables those with the right skills to leverage off of the scale and efficiency that it provides. The reason I am so obsessed with raising the standard of education across the world is because it is the most incredible tool to use to create wealth. The more you understand how the world works, how technology works, and the more you work on developing the skill of adding value for others, the more money you will make. But also, the more you focus on where you can add value and the less you worry about external factors that are outside of your control, the quicker you will make more money.

The other side of wealth creation is wealth management. It doesn’t help if you have the ability to earn loads of money but you don’t know how to make it work for you (this is something I have struggled with previously). But on both ends, it’s more about a mindset relating to both wealth creation and management than anything else.

With all of this in mind, it’s worth taking some time to assess your mindset toward money in general. The more I study my mindset and thus, my habits, the more I see all the opportunities I missed along the way. But those were valuable lessons and I am hell bent on making sure I never
repeat them again. Here’s to an abundance and wealth creation mindset for each and everyone of us!


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