Twitter Inc Revamps Privacy Settings for the Web

Twitter unveiled redesigned privacy settings for the web with the aim of making them easier to locate, use and understand.

The social network said the changes were made following a global privacy study by its research team, and improvements include updated icons and navigation, as well as language that was made easier to understand on the purpose and functionality of each setting.

Twitter shared how-to videos in its Help Center and in a series of tweets from @TwitterSupport guiding users through:

  • How to tailor the type of content they want to see in their timeline, choose their location for the Explore tab and filter search results.
  • The “off-Twitter activity” setting, which enables people to manage how Twitter uses their online activity to personalize their experience on the platform.
  • How to manage how people can find them through the “discoverability and contacts” settings, including by phone number or Twitter handle.
  • Using the direct messages settings to filter out unwanted DMs and limit messages from people they don’t follow.
  • Determining who can see tweets and limiting who can tag them in photos via the audience and tagging settings.


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