Why Knowledge is Essential to Forging Your Future by John Sanei

Nobody could ever have predicted the vast upheaval and change that’s affected all of us this year. For some, it’s been extremely unsettling; and yet there are people who seem to have taken that uncertainty in their stride.

You can see it everywhere, from the children who are thriving in Zoom classrooms to the elderly people who have found new ways to stay connected with friends and family all over the world.

So what’s the difference between feeling overwhelmed and optimistic? 

An understanding that the future has arrived, and the confidence to embrace the opportunities it brings – because the best antidote to fear is knowledge.

My new book, which I’ve researched and co-authored with Dr Iraj Abedian, is called FutureNEXT, and it has been written specifically to empower you with an understanding of both our present situation, and our collective future.

I will be launching the book LIVE at a unique hybrid event, because I want to help you start navigating your way through uncertainty so that you’re ready to take advantage of the monumental shifts in the way we work, build businesses, and live.

>> To find out more or to register for the event, click here

I hope you will join me, either in person (limited availability due to Covid-19 restrictions) or as part of the on-screen interactive audience, as we reject the “new normal” in favour of an extraordinary future.

“As this is my 4th book I know the drill pretty well as they become imprints onto my reality and will stay with me forever. Also what I’ve realized is that I’m actually writing the books for me – in Whats Your Moonshot? I was actually asking myself to think bigger and bolder about my life, in MAGNETiiZE I was asking myself to be more conscious and elegant, in FOREsight I was celebrating my own gift of connecting the invisible dots into the future for my clients and myself and now in FutureNEXT Iraj and I are asking all of us to reimagine our world and conquer uncertainty. – John Sanei”

I can’t wait to “see” you at the event!

Here’s to your future,


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