10 Reasons why Power utility, Eskom Suspended its Procurement Officer Solly Tshitangano

According to Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter, the suspended CPO stands accused of:

  1. Failing to take steps to investigate alleged overcharging and corrupt practices by Econ Oil and Energy (Pty) Ltd (“Econ”), a supplier of fuel oil to Eskom, despite being aware of substantial evidence indicating that Econ had engaged in such conduct.
  2. Failing to take steps to suspend Econ from acting as a supplier of Eskom and approving and facilitating the conclusion of further contracts with Econ worth a combined value of approximately R8 billion, despite being aware of this evidence, and despite receiving legal advice that such contracts should not be concluded, and a request from me to heed such legal advice.
  3. Inexplicably delaying an urgent meeting of Eskom’s Supplier Reconsideration Committee, which was to reconsider Econ’s position as supplier to Eskom.
  4. Inexplicably failing timeously to perform the Supplier Reconsideration Committee’s request that Econ be informed of the charges against them and asked to make representations.
  5. Granting Econ an unreasonably long period to respond to the various allegations against it, and granting extensions to Econ on at least three occasions, without consulting the Eskom Legal and Compliance Department and without considering Eskom’s best interests.
  6. On 4 January 2021, and on 22 January 2021, sending letters to Minister Gordhan, which were subsequently widely and publicly distributed, in which Mr Tshitangano falsely alleged, amongst other things, that Econ had not been afforded an opportunity to make representations about its proposed suspension as a supplier of Eskom.
  7. In these letters, disseminating confidential and highly sensitive communications between myself and the Executive: Legal and Compliance, and thereby causing these highly sensitive communications to be shared with Econ and reported on in the media.
  8. Refusing to follow Eskom’s internal Grievance Procedure in respect of his various complaints to De Ruyter.
  9. Through this conduct, exposing Eskom to significant financial and reputational risk.
  10. Failing to co-operate with Eskom’s auditors, which led to Eskom receiving a qualified sustainability audit for the 2019/2020 financial year.

There’s more charges that Mr. Tshitangano is faced with, we just decided to highlight the first 10 above.

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