Ford will start Producing its own Electric car Batteries

According to TheVerge, Ford announced the launch of a new battery development center in Michigan, the first step toward taking on some of the burden of building its own battery cells for electric cars in-house.

The new “global battery center of excellence” will be called Ford Ion Park and will be based in Southeast Michigan. Ford said the purpose is to conduct research on how to go about making its own electric vehicle batteries.

A team of 150 experts will work on ways to build EV batteries that are long lasting, quick to charge, and sustainable for the environment. They will also develop a process for making batteries quickly, cheaply, and at scale.

According to Thai-Tang, the new center is a signal of how serious Ford is about building its business around the manufacturing and selling of electric vehicles. “We’re much more bullish and aggressive on how fast we think this transition is going to play out,” he said.


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