Building Community on Social Media: What Value are You Giving to Your Followers?

I get it. You want people to follow you. You want them to like your shit. You want them to buy your shit. My question for you…what are you actually doing for them?

The world doesn’t exist to have people do what you want them to do. You have to go out and earn it, aka GIVE to your community! Stop worrying about gaining more followers if you’re not first taking care of the followers you already have. What value are you providing? Are you reading and responding to comments and DMs? If not, you’re approaching this all wrong. Check out this video from my Instagram to really feel where I’m coming from. 

In a Thank You Economy, your number 1 priority is not to be the most popular, but to be the most giving, the most grateful and the most trustworthy. You may have heard me talking a lot recently about a project I have coming up in the first week of May. While I’m super excited about it, this is all about providing value for YOU guys, and bringing value to your community every day for years is what will earn you the right to right hook when the time comes. Anyway, remember that the goal is to ALWAYS BE GIVING!

By Gary Vee

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