Digital Media Students Explore the Ethics of AI Deepfakes [VIDEO]

Students from the Master in Visual & Digital Media went in-depth with top experts to learn about how AI deepfakes are gaining traction in today’s communications sphere.

Forty years ago, artificial intelligence was found in science fiction movies and predictions of the future. Over time, we’ve watched as science and tech have exploded across industries and consumer experiences. Chatbots, tailored ads, well-designed algorithms… We now experience AI at every consumer touchpoint, and AI deepfakes are slowly taking over.

But what are the ethics behind this technology? Beyond funny videos and data-informed visual content, what’s going to happen now that the world’s top models can be manufactured with some code? Is it ethical to manufacture diversity, or profit off someone else’s likeness? 

Check out the video to learn about the deep and complex world of AI deepfakes, and how marketers can plan for ethical application of this fascinating technology that’s on the rise.  

This film was made by Marwa Alzubairi, Rafaella Poppe, Valentina Sicilia, Wen Zhao, Lisa Gong, Fiamma Mariniello, Gabriella Lowell, & Matias Dumas, all students in the Master in Visual & Digital Media.

Source: Wire Mag

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