Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo Reaches 300 Million Instagram Followers

Known for destroying records, Cristiano Ronaldo has smashed yet another, becoming the first human to surpass 300 million followers on Instagram.

With more than one billion users worldwide, Instagram is a huge social media platform, and one of the most popular.

Many stars and athletes use it to give people and their fans around the world a glimpse into their lives, and to uplift their brands.

Ronaldo’s influence

Apart from his showstopping moments on the field, Ronaldo’s impact is debated well beyond the pitch. In the past week alone, he made headlines around the globe for a simple gesture, when he removed a Coca-Cola bottle from a press conference table and replaced it with a bottle of water, shouting “agua!” (“water!” in Portuguese).

Ronaldo’s action coincided with a $4 billion (R56 billion) decline in Coca-Cola’s market value, thus resulting in a flood of news articles suggesting that the Portugal captain’s snubbing of the drink had something to do with it.

Forbes debunked those claims, saying that stock movements are often too complex to attribute to a single factor. However, this does show the magnitude of Ronaldo’s influence as a simple gesture like that erupted into a slew of articles worldwide, whether factual or not.

Did you know?

Cristiano has more Instagram followers (303 million) than all 20 Premier League teams combined – together, they have a total of 171 million followers.


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