Electric Bus Launched in Mother City, Cape Town

Electric bus took the street of Mother City, Cape Town following months of testing.

Golden Arrow Bus Services, together with the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works, on Monday launched an active electric bus service.  

This comes after Golden Arrow first embarked on a “renewable energy” journey in 2017, when it installed two solar plants – which led to two of its facilities being declared carbon neutral in 2020, a joint media release from the department and bus company read. This led to Golden Arrow testing two electric buses for a 12-month period.

Minister Mitchell and Golden Arrow launch first active electric bus in SA -  News | Transport and Public Works

“Sufficient testing has now been done to comfortably take the next big step. As of July 2021, the two electric buses have been incorporated into Golden Arrow’s day-to-day operations, carrying passengers between Retreat and Cape Town,” the statement read.

The buses were tested in various circumstances, without passengers, explained Golden Arrow engineer Gideon Neethling. “The aim was to get to know exactly how these vehicles perform before incorporating them into our operations,” said Neethling.

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