A message from TymeBank CEO Tauriq Keraan

The recent unrest in some parts of our beautiful country is a sad moment in South Africa’s history. Violence, looting and destruction of property have cost lives and endangered the wellbeing and livelihoods of millions of South Africans, many of whom were already struggling to survive amid high unemployment rates and widespread poverty.

The impact of the unrest is felt across the TymeBank community – our TymeBank ambassadors located at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, whose safety is our number one priority, our customers and their loved ones, our partners and suppliers. Our thoughts are with everyone who has suffered loss, some of it irreversible due to the unrest.

I salute the brave citizens who have come together to save what matters – the preservation of peace and order for the sake of South Africa and its people.

This is a time for every South African to reflect on what is worth saving. I recognise this means something different for each one of us. As a proudly South African citizen, I believe our nation is worth saving. We can – and will – come through this time of crisis strong and more united than before. This is a time to rebuild South Africa – every citizen matters.

Our Savings Month campaign, #SaveWhatMatters, is even more appropriate. It directs us to reflect on recent events, prompting us to think about what we are preserving, if not for us, for generations to come. I encourage you to take part in this conversation and share what you treasure. With meaningful dialogue and a foundation of shared understanding, we can achieve more in rebuilding our nation.

You can use our electronic channels to transact in instances where your local shops are damaged. You can use the TymeBank app, internet banking, WhatsApp line on 0860 999 119 or simply dial *120*543#

You’ve got this!

By Tauriq Keraan – CEO of TymeBank

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